Job offer

We believe that the dynamics of a company depends primarily on its human resources, the quality of the men and women who make it up, their ability to listen, communicate and catalyse real team intelligence.

End-of-study work (6-month internships) :

Every year, the office seeks to welcome young talents, motivated by our projects and determined to lead them successfully. Do not hesitate to suggest subjects and send us a cover letter and CV by e-mail


Summer internships (3 months) :

Every year (from June to August) we welcome young trainees (in the course of their university studies) who need to gain professional experience. Contact us with a letter of motivation and your CV by e-mail


Discovery courses (2-3 days) :

Throughout the year, we welcome young students (15-20 years old) who are interested in discovering our profession with the aim of starting an apprenticeship as a CFC geomatician in cadastral surveying. Contact us, enclosing a letter of motivation and your CV by e-mail